Our building process takes our clients step by step through finding the best approach to designing as construction process detailed IN, determining the project’s budget, financing, and designing every level of finish in the new era.
Our clients can attest to our craftsmanship and customer service.We stand by our work and will ensure, down to the last detail, that our clients are satisfied. We’re confident that, given the opportunity, our construction team members will quickly impress with their industry expertise and passionate to get the job done. We provide our clients with professional service that ensures quality and value in a timely manner while maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for employees.
We’ve put a safety program in place in order to establish a productive workforce and deliver an ultimately higher quality product. We’ve earned a reputation for our quality work and our integrity in dealing with clients, architects, suppliers, and subcontractors. We work hard to earn your satisfaction and respect through our work.

Development :
We invest and develop the land to construct a building.

Structural engineering

Structural engineering is major part of our services, and its applications are diverse. We design structures such as commercial buildings, residential buildings etc. The structural systems include steel, concrete, masonry, wood. We have a detailed knowledge of how structures support and resist self-weight and imposed loads including empirical and theoretical design codes, the techniques of structural analysis, as well as some knowledge of the corrosion resistance of the materials and structures, especially when those structures are exposed to the external environment.

Architecture & Planning

We design a wide range of building types that each expertise at their function which provide a high-quality standards of living to the people, And strengthen our client’s brand and identity, conserve energy and water, and complement their contexts. with our planners, consultants and engineers to create trans-formative and innovative work.
Office and Rental Buildings:
-Secure Government Facilities
Architecture and Design Services:
-Interior Design and Strategy
-Landscape Architecture
-Urban Design


At Mount Craft, we give utmost importance to quality work. It is in fact a way of life here. Where it is employed in every step of our processes starting from planning, designing, to execution. Where the knowledge of our talent pool combines with the efficiency of world-class technological prowess to deliver quality living spaces that exceed all expectations. Whether it is in procuring superlative raw materials or working . we leave no stone unturned to give a final product that is nothing short of a manifestation of excellence. And that is what gives us the razor’s edge over every other real estate company in the market.

Interior Design

We focus on the architectural style of your home or Office and suggest colours, materials, and selections that complement the spaces rather than overpower them. At Mount craft we know that interior decorating is a major project. Whether you want to completely redecorate a home or are looking for the perfect piece of furniture for a specific room, we are here to help.
The following are the services we provide to ensure that all your requirements are met and your project can take off and reach the heights it deserves to be at:
• Residential Design
• Office Design
• Modular Kitchen
• Commercial Design

Contracting services

We provide two types of services
1. Percentage based on project value
2.Turnkey (designing services, man power supply, material purchase, execution.)

Industrial Construction

Construction of factories demands civil engineering expertise and knowledge on the factory-type layouts. This is an essential ingredient in determining what type of materials can be enrol in factory construction. Factory construction is accompanied by our allied works like electrical, plumbing, industrial piping and other mechanical works that make up a full-fledged factory. We build factory buildings including..
• Industrial estates
• Production units
• Process buildings
• Factory buildings

Renovation Work

Our proven quality process is applied to your smaller scale additions, renovations, and home improvement projects. We offer the same quality, attention to detail and customer service whether our clients are renovating a bathroom, installing a new kitchen or adding a two-story addition to an existing home. Our process is scalable and our service is consistent.

Consulting services

“A consultant is a middle man between contractor and client.”
• Drawings ( architectural (2D – 3D), structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and survey )Office and Retail Buildings, Schools, Hospitals, Courthouses, Resorts, Secure Government Facilities, Architecture, Interior Design & Strategy, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Design.
• We have skilled engineers for Quality assurance and quality control
• Updates daily checklist and provide daily tentatives based on construction activities
• Schedule the daily work and plan for next activity
• Monitoring the project strictly according to the planning and designing.
• We give remotely full support on calls and mails.